Precision Jig Grinder




  • A jig grinder is a machine tool used for grinding complex shapes and holes where the highest degrees of accuracy and finish are required.
  • The jig grinder is very similar to a jig borer, in that the table positioning and spindles are very accurate (far more than a manual milling machine or lathe).
  • It is almost used by tool and die makers in the creation of jigs or mating holes.
  • There are usually many peripheral elements to a jig grinder, including linear motors, pneumatic grinding head (or electrical grinding head), and various cooling systems for supplying coolant to the work and machine itself.
  • The machine operates by a high speed spindle rotation.
  • The spindles are removable and interchangeable to achieve varying process speeds.
  • Some spindles are fixed speed (60,000 rpm), others are adjustable (30,000 ~ 50,000 rpm), and still others are very high speed (150,000 rpm).
  • The main spindle has a wide range of speeds to ensure proper grinder feed rates are maintained.
  • The machines have a standard X and Y table.
  • All axes are indexed to 0.0001 on the handwheels.
  • The machine head adopts linear motors.
  • The spindle rotates at a variable speed and with an accuracy of 0.0001 for very precise holes and grinding.
  • A reliable jig grinder will let work to achieve a higher degree of efficiency level.
  • These features are all critical in precise process.


Work range of the slides
Range of movement  
X Axos 1200 mm (47.2" )
Y Axis 700 mm (27.6" )
Z Axis 100 mm (3.9" )
W Axis 360 mm (15.7" )
Max feed speed  
X,Y Axis 10 m/min
Z Axis 24 m/min
Reading resolution (Linear scales)  
X,Y Axis 0.05 um
Z Axis 0.05 um
Cs Axis 0.001 deg
Location accuracy  
X,Y Axis ±0.0025 mm
Position coder  
X,Y Axis Linear encoder
Z Axis Linear encoder
Cs Axis Magnetic sensor
Table area (LxW) 1280x860 mm (50.4"x33.9")
Permissble load (max.) 1000 kg
Number of T-slot 8
Shape of T-slot 18.0 mm (Width)
Work range of the grinding head
Grinding-spindle speeds  
Electrical grinding head 40000 rpm
Weight 11.5 kg
Max. diameter of wheel Ø3~Ø55 mm
Electrical grinding head 60000 rpm
Weight 11.5 kg
Max. diameter of wheel Ø1~Ø10 mm
Planetary speed 5~200 rpm
Bore-diameter capacity 1~100 mm (0.04"~3.9")
Collets Ø3, Ø6, Ø10, Ø12 mm
U axis last input increment 0.001 mm
U axis max. stroke 30 mm (1.18")
X Axis (Linear Motor) 3 KW (12Nm)
Y Axis (Linear Motor) 3 KW (12Nm)
W Axis (Servo Motor) 1.6 KW (8 Nm)
Z Axis (Linear Motor) 2 x 2.1 KW
Cs Axis (Spindle Motor) 0.55 KW Spindle
U Axis (Stepping Motor) Stepping
Outer dimensions and weight  
Length 3392 mm
Width 2609 mm
Height (Max.) 3000 mm
Height (Min.) 2750 mm
Weight 7200 mm
Power requirement  
Voltage 220v ± 10%
Max. Voltage consumption 15KW
Compressed air 7 kg / cm2
Air consumption 420 nl / min
NC controller function  
NC controller Fanuc 31i-B
Simultaneously controlled axes 4 axes
Max increase up to number of controlled axes 26 axes
 Cs contouring control 1 axes
Chopping function Building in
Last input increment 0.0001 mm / 0.0001 deg
Max. stroke ± 9999.9999 mm / ± 9999.9999 deg
Rapid traverse Max 10 m / min
Rapid traverse override F0, 25, 50, 100%
Feed per minute mm / min
Manual handle feed 4 axes
Manual handle feed rate x1, x10, x100, x1000
Tape code (auto. recognitiom) EIA / ISO
Program storage length 640 m
Parity check Horizontal and vertical parity


  • Controller:FANUC 31i-B controller.
  • Implementable of diverse shape grinding.
  • capability of synchronize movement of 4 axis(X,Y,Z,CS)
  • Friendly chopping operation.
  • Abnormity detecting capability when power on.
  • Adjustment of grinding head power output by LCD control panel.
  • Working Travel: 1200 x 700 x 100 mm (X, Y, Z).
  • MAX load: 1000 kgs.
  • MAX feeding speed: 10000 mm/min (X & Y & Z).
  • Resolution: 0.01um.
  • Positioning accuracy subject to X,Y axis: +/- 0.0025 mm.
  • Planetary grinding roundness ≦ 0.002 mm.
  • Z axis is driven by high-speed precise linear motor.
  • 12 grinding setting modes.

Capable of synch the 4th axis for machining process


Mold plate




Lubricant mist collector


Hydraulic power unit

Samples of Finished Parts

=SKD11 HRC 62° Rough Cut Finish Machining
Grinding Pencil(or Grinding Wheel) ( CBN#150 ) ( CBN#150 )
Rotating Speed 40.000 rpm 40.000 rpm
Reserving 0.2 mm 0.015 mm
Cutting Feed Rate 40 mm/min 20 mm/min
Cutting Feed 0.1 mm 0.005 mm
Process Time About 12 minutes About 20 minutes
Samples of Finished Parts
Samples of Finished Parts

Processing Drawing

Processing Drawing

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