Precision Jig Grinder




  • JG-1012CM double column Jig Grinder with superstructure fabricated by granite, which is well-known by its excellent damping, low heat conductivity, rust-proof, and corrosion resistance, is capable of stabilizing the machine accuracy and enhancing the roughness on workpiece.
  • Stiffness and accuracy is also enhanced with the motors on three axis (X, Y, Z) direct-driven design transmission.
  • C1 grade ballscrew was adopted, pre-tension by 3°C in temperature increment, which is effectively upgrading stiffness and preventing from deformation during operation.
  • FANUC controller: 31i-B
    X, Y, Z W travel: 1000 x 1000 x 250 x 400 mm
    Plate Flatness ≦ 0.01mm
  • NSK P4 heavy load ultra precise linear guideway with rail width of 45mm is adopted in 3 axis (X, Y, Z) and has a wider engagement in order to a low deformation, high strength, vibration resistance as well as capability of max feed speed of 24 m/min.
  • Feeding movement of Z axis is driven by linear motor, which features instrument with hyperresponsiveness, rigidity, high speed, excellent acceleration, and no backlash and not only simplifies the superstructure but also fulfills rapid and precise machining process.
  • Besides, the two additional German-made vibration insulation pads are also incorporated onside to assure the accuracy and quality.
  • Position accuracy: ± 0.0025 mm
    Repeatability: ± 0.001mm
Additional fourth axis install to use

Additional fourth axis install to use

Rotary type dresser

Rotary type dresser

Processing Drawing

Processing Drawing


Work range of the slides
Range of movement  
X Axis 1200 mm (39"4)
Y Axis 1000 mm (39.4")
Z Axis 250 mm (9.8")
W Axis 400 mm (15.7")
Max feed speed  
X,Y Axis 24 m/min
Z Axis 24 m/min
Reading resolution (Linear scales)  
X,Y Axis 0.05 um
Z Axis 0.05 um
Cs Axis 0.001 deg
Location accuracy  
X,Y Axis ±0.0015 mm
Position coder  
X,Y Axis Linear encoder
Z Axis Linear encoder
Cs Axis Magnetic sensor
Table area (LxW) 1200x1200 mm (47.2"x47.2")
Permissble load (max.) 1500 kg
Number of T-slot 9
Shape of T-slot 18 mm (Width)
Work range of the grinding head
Grinding-spindle speeds  
Electrical grinding head 12000 rpm
Weight 17.2 kg
Max. diameter of wheel Ø180mm
Electrical grinding head 30000 rpm
Weight 11.5 kg
Max. diameter of wheel Ø80 mm
Planetary speed 5~150 rpm
Bore-diameter capacity 20~240 mm (0.8"~9.5")
Collets Ø3, Ø6, Ø10, Ø12 mm
U axis last input increment 0.001 mm
U axis max. stroke 30 mm (1.18")
X Axis (Linear Motor) 4 KW (22Nm)
Y Axis (Linear Motor) 4 KW (22Nm)
W Axis (Servo Motor) 1.6 KW (8 Nm)
Z Axis (Linear Motor) 6.8 KW
Cs Axis (Spindle Motor) 0.55KW Spindle
U Axis (Stepping Motor) Stepping
Outer dimensions and weight  
Length 4600 mm
Width 4000 mm
Height (Max.) 3600 mm
Height (Min.)  
Weight 12500 kg
Power requirement  
Voltage 220v ± 10%
Max. Voltage consumption 17.5 KW
Compressed air 7 kg / cm2
Air consumption 420 nl / min
NC controller function  
NC controller Fanuc 31i-B
Simultaneously controlled axes 4 axes
Max increase up to number of controlled axes 26 axes
Cs contouring control 1 axes
Chopping function Building in
Last input increment 0.0001 mm / 0.0001 deg
Max. stroke ± 9999.9999 mm / ± 9999.9999 deg
Rapid traverse Max 10 m / min
Rapid traverse override F0, 25, 50, 100%
Feed per minute mm / min
Manual handle feed 4 axes
Manual handle feed rate x1, x10, x100, x1000
Tape code (auto. recognitiom) EIA / ISO
Program storage length 640 m
Parity check Horizontal and vertical parity
Accessories / Q'ty
  Q'ty   Q'ty
1. Mini Jack S75 4 11. Clamping Chuck 12x65L 4
2. Mini Jack S95 4 12. Clamping Chuck 12x80L 4
3. Mini Jack S125 4 13. Clamping Chuck 12x100L 4
4. T-bolt M12x50L 4 14. Dial Gauge Frame 1
5. T-bolt M12x75L 4 15. Cutting fluid filtration + Oil mist recovery 1 set
6. T-bolt M12x100L 4 16. Electric grease lubricator 1
7. T-bolt M12x125L 4 17. Cooler(Cycle Type) 1 set
8. T-bolt M12x150L 4 18. CBN Grinding Tool 1 set
9. Flange Nut M12 4 19. Hearing Aid 1
10. Maintenance Tool Box 1 20. Indicator 1

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