3D Coordinate Measuring Machine




  • While any manufactured part requires the ultimate in precision; such as gears, aerospace, and medical parts, this model is the ideal one.
  • The new, maintenance-friendly design also improves machine availability.
  • It is also included in the mass concept that incorporates the need for multifunctional measurement.
  • It thus enables both contact and optical measurements.


Measuring Travel 800x650x500 mm ( X,Y,Z ) Probe: 800x650x500 mm ( X,Y,Z )
Vision: 800x550x500 mm ( X,Y,Z )
Resolution Renishaw Linear Scales 0.0001 mm Renishaw Linear Scales 0.0001 mm
Software MSU-3D Pro + WIN 10 MSU-3D Pro + WIN 10
Hardware PC+24" LCD Color Monitor PC+24" LCD Color Monitor
Non-Contactvision   Color CCD+ZOOM
ZOOM magnification   20x ~ 200x
Surface Light   White LED
Auto-Focus   Z Axis
Trigger Probe Renishaw PH10T
Z Axis Balance Cylinder
Operation CNC Programable
Drive Servo Motors + Joystick
Transmission Air Bearing in 3 Axes (85psi; 0.6Mpa more is requested)
Accuracy U1=0.5+L/400 um ; U3=1.9+L/300 um (Temperature 20°c±1) Humidity: 55~65%
Granite Plates DIN. 876, 0 GRADE (AREA 860x700 mm)
Demo-Parts Height 500 mm
Demo-Parts Weight 160 kgs
Machine Dimensions 160x180x283 cm (Including Stand Frame)
Appearance (WxDxH) 244x180x283 cm (Including Deluxe Table)
Machine Weight (WxDxH) 1800 kgs 1820 kgs
Option / Software AAT software / Auto-Zoom / Auto-Light

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