3D Coordinate Measuring Machine




  • Gantry coordinate measuring machine provides accessibility to entire vehicle bodies, and large gears.
  • It is also included in the mass concept that incorporates the need for multifunctional measurement.
  • It thus enables both contact and optical measurements.


Measuring Travel 1200x1600x1000 ( X,Y,Z ) 1500x1600x1000 ( X,Y,Z )
Resolution Renishaw Linear Scales 0.001 mm / option 0.0001 mm
Software MSD-3D Pro + WIN 10
Hardware PC+24" LCD Color Monitor
Non-Contactvision Color CCD+ZOOM
ZOOM magnification 20x ~ 200x
Surface Light White LED
Auto-Focus Z Axis
Trigger Probe Renishaw PH10T
Z Axis Balance Cylinder
Operation CNC Programable
Drive Servo Motors + Joystick
Transmission Air Bearing in 3 Axes (85psi; 0.6Mpa more is requested)
Accuracy U1=3+L/200 um ; U3=5+L/150 um (Temperature 20°c±1) Humidity: 55~65%
Granite Plates DIN. 876, 0 GRADE (AREA 1800x2400 mm) DIN. 876, 0 GRADE (AREA 2250x2200 mm)
Demo-Parts Height 900 mm
Demo-Parts Weight 1200 kgs
Machine Dimensions 265x295x345 cm (Including Stand Frame) 295x295x345 cm (Including Stand Frame)
Appearance (WxDxH) 385x295x345 cm (Including Deluxe Table) 400x295x345 cm (Including Deluxe Table)
Machine Weight (WxDxH) 6500 kgs 6700 kgs
Option / Software Z axis can be increased up to 1500 mm / AAT software / Auto-Zoom / Auto-Light

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