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Five-axis simultaneous motion

  • Meehanite whole castings, uniform structure, could sustain various operating environment without deformation and also maintain long-term machine intensity and cutting accuracy.
  • Casting base in symmetry design efficiently counteracts thermal stress and chopping stress. Cross ribbed casting base also enhances the rigidity and durability.
  • Double column door design with minimum vibration in rapid feed achieves more glossy work pieces and preserves longer tools usage.

High Speed:

  • Three axis motors and precise ballscrews transmitting directly strengthen rigidity and higher accuracy.
  • C 3 grade precise ballscrews, processing 3°C pre-extension, effectively enhances rigidity and accuracy.
  • Adopting heavy load Schneeberger linear guideways, achieves low deformation, superior intensity and high coefficient in absorbing vibration.
  • Rapid traverse (X,Y,Z) 24m/min.

Great Accuracy:

  • P4 grade sliding bearing spindle reaches 12000 R.P.M
  • The inner cooling cycle system in spindle effectively removes the heat which generates from high speed operation. It does not only maintain the spindle in constant temperature for longer spindle usage but also stabilize the chopping accuracy.
  • Five-axis simultaneous motion machining: with dual axes CNC rotary table for machining complex workpiece which can be placed in any different angles and do curve machining.
Five axes machining

Five axes machining


Electronic control system  
NC controller 31i-B5
Working surface 450 mm
T-slots (Size × Number) 18 x 3 mm (P=90)
Max. Table load 200 kg / 100 ibs
Longitudinal travel (X) 1000 mm
Cross travel (Y) 600 mm
Headstock travel (Z) 400 mm
Distance of spindle nose to table top 150~450 mm
B axis travel -42°~+120°
C axis travel 360°
Spindle taper BT40
Spindle speeds 12000 R.P.M.
Feed rate 1-12000 mm / min
Rapid traverse (X, Y, Z) 24 x 24 x 24 mm / min
Tool holder BT40
Tool storage capacity 24 tools
Max. Tool (Dia. x Length) 77ø x 220mm
Max. Tool weight 5kg
Tool selection Arm type
Spindle drive motor 12000rpm
Drive motors FANUC α6 / 12000 7.5KW (10HP) 35Nm
X-axis α22iF / 3000i (4KW 22Nm)
Y-axis α12iF / 3000i (3KW 12Nm)
Z-axis α22iF / 3000iB (4KW 22Nm)
C-axis α8iF / 3000iB (1.6KW 8Nm)
B-axis α22iF / 3000iB (4KW 22Nm)
Machine weight, space and packing  
Floor space (W x L) W=2448mm, L=3522mm
Max. Machine height 3500mm
Power capacity 30KVA
Net weight  
Gross weight  
Packing size (Seaworthy wooden case)  

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